Monday, October 4, 2010

A Christmas Memory Summary

Buddy and and the women are best friends, even though the women is sixty-something years old. One day as the women woke up, she felt it was fruitcake weather, and so they decided to make fruitcakes. They didn't have money, so they went to sold tickets for a movie. Using the money, they bought ingridients for their fruitcakes, but they couldn't buy liquor. Mr. Haha had liquor, so they went over and asked for some. Buddy and the women was thinking and they drank a bit of liquor, they endedup being scolded at for letting buddy drink it. When it was christmas, they went to look for a christmas tree. During christmas, they also made kites. Kites as gifts, as well as for fun. (ENDING?)

The ending confused me because I didn't really understand what they were talking about. The author was talking abou kites, then suddenly it went to reading a script wrote by the women to Buddy. The events changed too fast without any build-up, so I got lost while reading.

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